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Thirteen Things NOT to do if you are arrested

Praemonitus, praemunitus

1. Don’t fight/resist arrest; it just adds more charges against you.
2. Don’t run
3. Don’t talk; invoke your right to remain silent and immediately ask for a lawyer.
4. Don’t give permission to search
5. Don’t try to make a deal with the police; it is likely they are not authorized to make deals anyway.
6. Don’t believe anything the police tell you. The police can, will, and do lie to people; it’s legal for them.
7. Don’t be a smart a$
8. Don’t go back inside (your car or home/apartment/trailer) The police will follow you for their safety and anything they observe while escorting you is admissible and will probably lead to a more exhaustive legal search.
9. Don’t be a snitch. You may do so at your own risk.
10. Don’t talk in the back seat of a police car. It is recorded and police just love it when you do.
11. Don’t talk about your case from the phone at the jail. It is recorded. Your collect phone calls from the jail pays for the sophisticated recording equipment.
12. Assume you are being recorded and/or videoed. You have NO expectation of privacy in a jail.
13. Don’t talk to other inmates at the jail about the facts of your case. They may want to snitch on you to make a deal. (see number 9)