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This prisoner in NE China gets his head stuck between the bars.  Apparently, the man was accused of driving while intoxicated.  The officers help extract the man from his dilemma.  It would have been interesting to see him poke his head through the bars to begin with and certainly hope the bars on the rest

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17 Florida Sheriffs and Immigration Officials Unveil New Partnership

 – January 18, 2018 – U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) along with 17 Florida Sheriff’s entered into a Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) between Federal and County Governments to provide housing services to prevent the release of apprehended criminal aliens back into the community. According to the Press Release from ICE “Participating jurisdictions are considered

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82 Year Old Inmate Beaten to Death by 21 Year Old Cellmate

– 21 Year Old Florida Inmate Awaiting Trial for Murder of Previous Cellmate – January 17, 2018 – In October of 2017, 82 year old Arthur Williams of Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada, was arrested in Jackson County, Florida, on charges of stalking, enticing a child, trespassing and other charges. It is alleged that Williams drove from

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– January 4, 2018 Inmates in the Louisville Metro Jail used extra blankets and hot water bottles to stay warm as the antiquated heating system failed in parts of the jail. The jail, a series of buildings constructed between 1950 and 1970, saw interior temperatures drop into the 40 degree range in parts of the

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Thirteen Things NOT to do if you are arrested

Praemonitus, praemunitus

1. Don’t fight/resist arrest; it just adds more charges against you.
2. Don’t run
3. Don’t talk; invoke your right to remain silent and immediately ask for a lawyer.
4. Don’t give permission to search
5. Don’t try to make a deal with the police; it is likely they are not authorized to make deals anyway.
6. Don’t believe anything the police tell you. The police can, will, and do lie to people; it’s legal for them.
7. Don’t be a smart a$
8. Don’t go back inside (your car or home/apartment/trailer) The police will follow you for their safety and anything they observe while escorting you is admissible and will probably lead to a more exhaustive legal search.
9. Don’t be a snitch. You may do so at your own risk.
10. Don’t talk in the back seat of a police car. It is recorded and police just love it when you do.
11. Don’t talk about your case from the phone at the jail. It is recorded. Your collect phone calls from the jail pays for the sophisticated recording equipment.
12. Assume you are being recorded and/or videoed. You have NO expectation of privacy in a jail.
13. Don’t talk to other inmates at the jail about the facts of your case. They may want to snitch on you to make a deal. (see number 9)



State Corrections Agencies, by and large, offer the most information to the public as they manage the largest numbers of inmates.
As you move to the local level of the criminal justice system, you will find vastly different levels of technology. Smaller jails may not have the resources to offer inmate search features to the public and likewise their jails may not offer the same amenities as their larger counterparts. Generally, the tradeoff is more personal service from smaller communities to the families and friends of inmates.
The inmate search capabilities of jail data in this state from the jails that offer inmate searches vary in search features and available information in relation to the vendor chosen by the jurisdiction and the general philosophy of the people operating the jail. Some jails believe the more information you make available to the public online makes their job easier and results in fewer phone calls requesting information. Others may believe differently and offer only a minimal amount of information to the public online, if they choose to offer it online at all. Some states allow mug shots to be posted online, while others prohibit it. (Georgia being a notable exception as it was initially allowed and then banned.)
American Jailhouse does not store any information on individual inmates and offers the links on this page in an effort to help you find whoever you may be looking for. We do not warrant any of the information you may find on these inmate locators as being accurate or timely and by accessing these links you expressly agree to the following DISCLAIMER:
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