Rockdale County Jail, Conyers, Georgia

Rockdale Conyers Jail
Rockdale County Jail, Conyers, Georgia
Things NOT to do if you are arrested

Thirteen Things NOT to do if you are arrested

1. Don’t fight/resist arrest; it just adds more charges against you.
2. Don’t run
3. Don’t talk; invoke your right to remain silent and imediately ask for a lawyer.
4. Don’t give permission to search
5. Don’t try to make a deal with the police; it is likely they are not authorized to make deals anyway.
6. Don’t believe anything the police tell you. The police can, will, and do lie to people; it’s legal for them.
7. Don’t be a smart ass
8. Don’t go back inside (your car or home/apartment/trailer) They police will follow to conduct a legal search while escorting you.
9. Don’t be a snitch
10. Don’t talk in the back seat of a police car. It is recorded and police just love it when you do.
11. Don’t talk about your case from the phone at the jail. It is recorded. Your collect phone calls from the jail pays for the sophisticated recording equipment.
12. Don’t assume you are not being recorded and/or videoed. You have NO expectation of privacy in a jail.
13. Don’t talk to other inmates at the jail about the facts of your case. They may want to snitch on you to make a deal.


Ten Things TO DO when a friend/relative is arrested


1. Find out where the person is jailed/incarcerated
2. Find out what they are charged with
3. Do not talk about the facts of the case with the person on ANY phone. Assume it is being recorded.
4. Find out if the person has a bond. Try to bail them out if they have a bond.
5. If they cannot post a bond , do the following:
a. Find out how to deposit money on their inmate account.
b. Find out how to bring them any property or medicines they may need and can have.
c. Find out how to visit with the person.
d. Arrange for an attorney.
6. If you depend on this person for some or all of your income, start preparing another stream of income.
7. Do not talk to the police about this person’s case. Everything you say will be used against them.
8. If threatened with arrest, ask for a lawyer immediately and cease conversation.
9. Know and follow all the rules a jail/prison may impose. Violating the rules could prevent you from future visitation and may (depending on the rule) subject you to arrest.
10. Assume the worst and hope for the best.

How to make jail time productive



2385 Sigman Industrial Ct

Conyers, Ga. 30012



About the Rockdale County Jail

Rockdale County has one jail, located at 2385 Sigman Industrial Court, which provides inmate bed space for the two local law enforcement agencies, along with State and Federal agencies on an as-needed basis. The two local agencies are the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Department and the Conyers Police Department. The City of Conyers is the only incorporated municipality in Rockdale County.
Rockdale County encompasses 126 square miles, has approximately 85,000 residents and is located 25 miles east of the City of Atlanta. Conyers-Rockdale County can be easily reached by using Interstate Highway 20. There is no regular local rail or bus service to the Conyers-Rockdale County area, although the State of Georgia does provide evening and afternoon bus service for local commuters via GRTA Xpress. There are two Xpress lots located at the intersection of Signman Road and Chambers Drive as you make your approach to the jail.
The Sheriff’s Department provides law enforcement services for the unincorporated areas of the county and the Conyers Police Department patrols the city. The Sheriff is responsible for the operation of the county jail and provides jail space to the City of Conyers by contract.
Although the County is relatively small, the Court system in Conyers-Rockdale County can prove difficult to navigate for the occasional visitor. The City of Conyers has a Municipal Court which is located at 1194 Scott Street and handles municipal traffic court and city ordinance violations. The County has a Magistrate Court, a Probate Court, a Juvenile Court, a State Court and two Superior Courts. If you receive a traffic citation or you are arrested in the Conyers-Rockdale area, your case, depending on your age and the facts and circumstances, could be heard in almost any of those Courts except for Probate. It is important to retain all of your citations, arrest and release paperwork and to listen and understand what is said to you by local officials during your interaction with them. For instance, every person released from the Rockdale County Jail signs a paper which acknowledges he or she will notify the court of any change of address. When you are released from jail and relocate be sure to maintain contact with the court regarding your court appearance. If you fail to appear for court, a bench warrant for failure to appear will be issued.
The Rockdale County Jail presently uses Securus Technologies for Inmate Visitation, Phone, and eMail services. The jail provides commissary services and money can be placed on an inmate account in the lobby of the jail or online at JAIL ATM.
You can search for inmates in other Georgia Jails by using the American Jailhouse Georgia Local Inmate Search Tool and search over 60 jails at NO CHARGE.



Inmate Commissary
Criminal Defense Attorney- Warren Summers

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